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Gerst Land Developer and Luxury Home Builder

At Gerst, we strive to do two things very well, and that's what we focus on. Developing land and building new homes. When we build new homes, they are always built catered to the unique needs of our clientele, by providing the finest in-home amenities in the market. We don't believe in shortcuts. Our company is synonymous with the best because we simply uphold the highest standards of quality. It’s the details that make the difference, that’s why our team of expert designers and custom home builders utilize their extensive experience, ranging from commercial building construction, residential home construction and design and hotel design, to demonstrate our constant commitment to excellence.

Custom & New Luxury Home Builders

who we are

Gerst is a property development company in Ontario. We began by building luxury homes, and have recently branched out into land development. When we're not developing land, we're looking to build custom, luxuriy homes. We utilize the highest quality construction materials and home finishes. Our team of professionals and new home builders and developers are dedicated to ensuring we build your dream home in the most desired …
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What we do

At Gerst, we specialize in maximizing land value, period. Whether that leads us to simply developing and selling, or staying for the entirety, from raw land to completed home or subdivision.

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Why Us?

Our homes are built with the most modern facilities. Our work attests to our standard of excellence. As a dynamic company, our central focus is to design our homes with a variety of contemporary layouts in combination with the traditional comforts of your average home...

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What’s new?

Gerst is continually endeavoring upon new and innovative developments in some of the most highly valued locals in the province. What’s next? We have our sites on some exciting development opportunities in Blue Mountain, Thornbury, and even Grand Valley, but our most current project in Kleinburg is our most prestigious custom home building project to date. Old Forest Lane Estates is ...
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