About Us


Who we are

Gerst is a high-end property development company that specializes in custom built luxury homes. We utilize the highest quality construction materials and home finishes. Our team of professionals are dedicated to ensuring we build your dream home in the most desired locations of Ontario and we work intrinsically with world class designers to effectively maximize the value of our properties.

What we do

At Gerst, we specialize in maximizing land value by building first-class homes for our clients. This is done through planning procedures that employ notable experts of every trade including real estate experts, and interior designers. Our contemporary designs are built to the taste of luxury and prestige.

Why Us?

Our homes are built with the most modern facilities. Our work attests to our standard of excellence. As a dynamic company, our central focus is too design our homes with a variety of contemporary layouts in combination with the traditional comforts of your average home. We are committed to:

  • Luxury. . If you’ve ever dreamt of a comfortable home, we have the power of bringing it to reality through our team of expert home designers and decors. Our residential properties are characterized with modern facilities, international architectural designs, and serene environment
  • Quality. Our homes are built to last. From its structural features to internal decor, rest assured that no expense was spared. All our construction materials are carefully and tastefully selected to meet world class standards. As a demonstration of our commitment to safety and accountability, Gerst Property Development is a registered builder with the Tarion warranty company.

What’s new?

Gerst is continually endeavouring upon new and innovative developments in some of the most highly valued locals in the province. What’s next? Gerst Property Development is gearing up to offer its most prestigious project to date. Old Forest Lane Estates is underway to become one of the most valued estates in Kleinburg, Ontario. With over 10 designs to choose from, property sizes spanning over 2 acres of land and world class interior designers to ensure the highest standard of prestige, Old Forest Lane will never be the same. To inquire more about this project, visit ...